Company outing quiz around the world cambridge

Around the world in one day quiz Cambridge

Around the world in one day Cambridge teamevent
Travel around the world in Cambridge without leaving your seat!

Around the world in one day Cambridge

Around the World is the award-winning team challenge that takes you on a virtual adventure across 22 countries, spanning a staggering 40,000 virtual miles. Unleash your inner globetrotter and unleash your team’s potential! Collaborate with your colleagues, showcase your creativity, and discover new cultures – all from the comfort of your office, meeting room, home, or anywhere else!

Journey of discovery 
Around the World offers a delightful array of experiences to captivate everyone. Explore iconic virtual landmarks, tackle thrilling challenges, and accumulate points as you embark on a journey of discovery.

Special App
Ready to ignite the fun? Our user-friendly app makes it easy to get started. Explore diverse cultures, bond with your team, and create lasting memories! Around the World: The perfect solution for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams!

Let the adventure begin!

Group size

10 – 100 participants (more participants possible)


group sizePrice per participant excl. VAT
10 – 19£ 49,-
20 – 50£ 39,-
51 – 100£ 29,-


– Around the world in one day quizgame (about 1.5 hours)
– Instructor (please note: not personally present)
– Use of an exclusive app


– Reservation costs £ 15,-
– Each team will require access to a mobile phone with an internet connection